Can you handle Chargify webhooks

Posted in General by Mark Hamm Sat Jun 06 2015 00:22:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·1·Viewed 1,803 times

We really like the idea of using your Digest capabilities but we are also assessing the ease with which Chargify integrates with Drip. Can you easily handle the scenarios and API mentioned on this page? What kind of effort is necessary to set them up? Appreciate your help and input, Mark.
June 6, 2015

Hi Mark -

Thanks so much for the inquiry and interest.

You can definitely do drip campaigns in Knowtify, but we don't currently have a direct integration with Chargify. The good news is that this wouldn't require a lot of work to get done, so it is something we could prioritize if you were to need it.

Can I ask - what is your company? Also...what is your timeline for all of this?


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