Connecting with Knowtify

You will be connecting with Knowtify in order to add and update data on your users so that you can build and trigger your transactional, behavioral & digest emails. You have several options:

Knowtify API

The main source for adding data to Knowtify. Integrate with our REST-ful api

API Basics

JavaScript Plugin

Simple JavaScript plugin for quick integration.

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Integration Partners

We have several integration partners that will enable you to easily import data to Knowtify.

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Integrating for specific email-types

You can send several email types with Knowtify. Learn the best ways to integrate for your specific email needs.

Transactional emails

Learn the best ways to integrate and easily ship your transactional emails.

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Behavorial emails

Learn how to integrate your users’ behavioral data to create sophisticated email triggers.

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Digest emails

With digest emails, your data IS your content. Learn the best ways to get this data into your emails with Knowtify.

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